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Genre: Hidden Object

Love and Dragons surrounds you in a world of intrigue and romance where players search for hidden objects in a magical medieval kingdom. Each adventure will help you unveil another mystery and uncover yet another secret.

You can download Love and Dragons by following the link below.

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Love and Dragons is the newest hidden-object game by Game Insight, the creator of the magnificent Mystery Manor and the mystical Mirrors of Albion. The game takes place in a magical world, where dragons live — in a world of warriors and mages, of love and betrayal, of honor and infamy.

You will encounter intrigue, crime, and magical swirls of secrets and mysteries, make friends with dragons and learn a lot of legends about them. You will be accompanied by Miralda, a girl who has a hard lot, and it’s up to you to decide whether she will find her true love or die according to an ancient prophecy. Following the unexpected twists and turns of the story, you will find answers to difficult questions, complete absorbing quests, and prevent an invasion by the demons of the abyss.

  • This amazing hidden-object game will take you on an unforgettable journey through a world of magic
  • Lots of characters with their own unique backgrounds, natures, and hobbies
  • Difficult fights with the criminal bosses and the creatures of the abyss
  • Unexpected plot twists, mystery, and intrigue
  • A convenient friends system that allows you to help each other and play together
  • Great graphics and sound

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