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31 May 2017
Guns of Boom Explodes with 5 Million Players

Team-based shooter dominates the competition and taps into pent up demand for a quality mobile first-person shooter

Vilnius, Lithuania – 31 May 2017 – Two weeks after the game’s worldwide launch, Game Insight has announced that their mobile team-based shooter Guns of Boom has now surpassed 5 million players. A hit with the press and players alike, Guns of Boom maintains a five star average on the App Store and has received more than 100,000 five star reviews on Google Play.

“We’ve been blown away by the reaction we’ve seen so far to Guns of Boom,” said Anatoly Ropotov, Game Insight CEO. “Players have been hooked on the action and keep coming back for more. And when they’re not playing, they’re watching and recording -- we’ve seen more than 30,000 YouTube videos to date, and streamers have been getting in on the action too.”

Ropotov attributes Guns of Boom’s quick success to the game’s five minute matches, frictionless controls, and lag-free 4v4 team-based shooter action. “Companies have been trying to develop quality first-person shooters on mobile for years now, but with so many variables it’s almost inevitable that something goes wrong. With Guns of Boom we took our time to consider what players really wanted in a mobile shooter, and we found the answer in quick matches, team-based competition, and controls that seamlessly make you feel like a part of the action.”

As part of their long-term vision for Guns of Boom, Game Insight have made a commitment to bring new content to players on an ongoing basis, and have also revealed the first major content for the game today. ‘Capture the Point’ will introduce a new mode familiar to FPS players in which teams will vy for control of territory in their pursuit of victory, and will be available in the game soon.

Guns of Boom is now available on the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store as a free download.

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