Locking princesses in towers in Need a Hero
Assembling collections in Mystery Manor
Adding coal to Storewell’s mines in Transport Empire
Preparing Friday bonuses in the Tribez & Castlez
Rocking with the donkey in Need a Hero
Igniting the dragon's breath in Need a Hero
Patching up defeated bosses in Cloud Raiders
Sending islands skyward in Cloud Raiders
Making stars lucky in Big Business
Gathering up Snatchins in Mystery Manor
Creating outer space in Airport City
Feeding Cheshire Jr. in Mirrors of Albion
Hiding objects in Mystery Manor
Warming the sea in Paradise Island 2
Counting grains of sand on Paradise Island
Clearing the runways in Airport City
Harvesting giant pumpkins in The Tribez
Hoisting the sails in Sunshine Bay
Petting Dino in The Tribez

Cloud Raiders

Cloud Raiders catapults action strategy to dizzying new heights! In a sky filled with floating islands, you must dominate them all. The best part? You have a five-million-ton floating island stronghold to do it! Assemble your army of ruthless raiders and transform your island into an impregnable fortress of doom! Form clans with your friends and blast your enemies out of the skies!

Cloud Raiders lets you fortify your base with thundering cannons, cunning traps, and spellbound artifacts, then lead your troops on sorties to fend off intruders and withstand the hordes of skyborne enemies. Vicious pirates are only the first threat on the horizon, so you'll need to quickly scatter their dastardly fleet to the four winds. Train an army of axe-brandishing marauders, grenade-lobbing bombardiers, fire-breathing dragons, and many more fearsome warriors to take the fight to your foes!

Cloud Raiders
Fight for the right to control the skies!
Fortune favors the brave! Join the battle!
Steal the pirates’ treasures!
Bring the fight to the sky corsairs and take their loot!
Fight mythical Titans!
Overpower even the mightiest of enemies with cunning tactics!
Dominate the clan leaderboard!
Play with your friends and secure glorious victories.
Defeat legendary Bosses!
Generous rewards await brave players!
Protect your island from attacks!
Put up defenses to stop your enemies in their tracks!
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