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UI/UX Designer

  • Location:

  • Nizhnij Novgorod
  • Responsibility:

    • designing and prototyping UI for our games for all platforms;
    • the scope of your design work includes all the elements, from buttons, to windows, to menus, to icons, and so on;
    • supporting, maintaining, and improving currently existing UI designs;
    • implementing game designers’ ideas within game developers' constraints;
    • using your innovation and talent to make user experience enjoyable at al times.
  • Requirements:

    • a deep understanding of the principles of UI/UX design;
    • an excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or similar image-editing software;
    • an awareness of today’s trends and developments in UI;
    • previous game UI design experience of at least a year;
    • an ability to come up with a concept and then a solution within given limits and style;
    • knowledge of the essentials of art theory;
    • an eye for color, plasticity, compositional flow and rhythm, and the skill and technique to use them;
    • logic, creativity, and resourcefulness;
    • previous teamwork and concept art experience.

    Desirable Qualities:

    • a passion for video games;
    • previous involvement with multi-language app development;
    • critical thinking and reasoning;
    • experience with Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, and 3D rendering software;
    • self-motivation and discipline;
    • an ability to convey thoughts and ideas in a clear manner.

    Please don’t forget to include a link to your portfolio as this is a mandatory requirement!

  • Conditions:

    • work in our office full time, in the city of Nizhny Novgorod;
    • interesting, creative work with results you can be proud of;
    • potential for career and professional growth;
    • young, friendly team of co-workers;
    • assistance with formalities required by the Labor Code;
    • tea, coffee, treats, staff kitchen;
    • large parking area.

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