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Game Designer

  • Location:

  • Nizhnij Novgorod
  • Responsibility:

    • developing design for social mobile games, writing documentation;
    • adjusting game balance;
    • writing scripts and dialogues;
    • creating game levels.
  • Requirements:

    • experience working with social or casual games, portfolio of finished projects;
    • understanding of the specific requirements of social and mobile games;
    • analytical thinking;
    • be responsible, accurate, and communicative;
    • ability to convey your vision to programmers and artists.

    Also welcomed:

    • experience with level design and knowledge of game mechanics;
    • experience writing scripts;
    • knowledge of English.
  • Conditions:

    • work in our office full time, in the city of Nizhny Novgorod;
    • interesting, creative work with results you can be proud of;
    • potential for career and professional growth;
    • young, friendly team of co-workers;
    • assistance with formalities required by the Labor Code;
    • tea, coffee, treats, staff kitchen;
    • large parking area.

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