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C++ developer

  • Location:

  • Murmansk
  • Responsibility:

    • developing game software for mobile devices on iOS, Android, Windows;
    • supporting existing code;
    • developing game logic, algorithms and interfaces;
    • analyzing and optimizing apps created;
    • correcting errors, supporting software products.
  • Requirements:

    • knowledge of C++, libraries and design patterns;
    • at least 2 years experience programming in C++;
    • knowledge of the principles of OOP;
    • experience programming using OpenGL;
    • ability to profile and debug code;
    • ability to navigate other people’s code;
    • knowledge of classical algorithms and data structures;
    • knowledge of client-server architecture;
    • experience developing in a group and working in a team;
    • familiarity with version control systems (SVN, GIT, etc.), and bug-tracking and project management systems (Redmine, JIRA, etc.);
    • enough knowledge of English to read technical documentation.

    Also welcomed:

    • university or high school education in mathematics, technology, or IT;
    • experience developing apps for Windows and *nix systems;
    • experience developing mobile apps;
    • experience developing cross-platform apps;
    • experience building client-server apps.
  • Conditions:

    • conveniently located, comfortable office in the city center;
    • employment with formalities under the Russian Federation Labor Code, officially declared salary;
    • potential for personal and professional growth.

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