• Where can I find Hidden Land Community?
    There is an official Hidden Land community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HiddenLandCommunity
  • Where can I get the key to the Ghost ship?
    To have one, you need to complete the "Ghost ship" quest, which appears after receiving/creating the golden lantern.
  • Why the value on the bar increases after opening scenes using Harmony?
    After using Harmony for unlocking scenes the value of spent Harmony increases. For example, you have the following values 0/1000, then you unlock the Observatory by spending 525 Harmony, thus your values become 525/1000.
  • What do the Harmony numbers 0/265 mean?
    First value, “0”, is the amount of Harmony already spent for unlocking new scenes. Second value, “265”, is the total amount of Harmony you have at the moment.
  • What are the purposes of completing collections in the game?
    Collections may be traded for items that are necessary to move further in the storyline or for different valuable prizes. For example, such bonuses that:
    - increase the amount of coins and experience points you receive that lasts for a certain time period;
    - recharge energy points;
    - increase chances of finding items;
    and so on.
  • What can I buy for coins in the game?
    Please, take a closer look at the Shop tab. Some very useful amulets and armours for banishing hazards are avaliable for coins only! Also you may need your coins to construct buildings in your lands. So, coins are very helpful, even though they are not required so often!
  • I erected a building, but not where I wanted to. Can I move it?
    Yes, at any point you can move a building to a platform of the same size absolutely free. Just select the building and tap Relocate in its information window, and then select the platform you would like to move it to. The same actions are required if you want to swap two buildings of similar size.
  • Why aren't all building platforms available from the very beginning?
    The number of building platforms increases as a player levels up. You can also unlock platforms long before reaching the required level by spending some amount of crystals and build them up any way you like.
  • Why do building platforms appear in different color?
    Game buildings come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Each size comes with its own building platform color. The game will only allow you to build on a platform of a suitable size, so don't worry about making a mistake.
  • What are the Slot-Machine and the Wheel of Fortune, why do I need them?
    By using the Slot-Machine (in the present) and the Wheel of Fortune (in the past) you can win valuable prizes, including hundreds of crystals at a humble cost of several moon tokens (in the past) or sun tokens (in the present).
  • I've banished a hazard by completing a scene. What happens next?
    If you complete a scene with a hazard, it suffers a curse. A curse only changes the mode in the scene, while conditions and rewards remain the same.
  • I want to unlock scenes as quickly as possible, how do I do that?
    All scenes require the player to be of a certain level in order to explore them. However, you can gain access to a scene one level earlier by unlocking a corresponding building for crystals.
  • I've increased my mastery level. What does this mean?
    Your mastery level reflects your progress in a certain location: the higher it is, the higher your reward for completing the scene is. However, with each mastery level the exploration becomes more difficult as well.
  • What do I need Tokens for?
    Moon tokens (in the past) and sun tokens (in the present) are required to play the Wheel of Fortune (in the past) and the Slot-machine (in the present). You can win valuable prizes including hundreds of crystals!
  • What is a Harmony?
    Harmony is a special parameter which increases with the construction of new buildings either in the past or in the present. A high harmony value grants you access to unique scenes that can be explored using special artifacts.
  • How do I restore energy?
    Energy is restored automatically with a rate of 1 point every 3 minutes. Energy can also be restored with special items called energy boosts. You can buy them at the Store, get as a reward for completing certain quests or for collection trading. Additionally, the restoration rate can be improved with weak, strong and great elixirs. You can find them in the Amulets tab of the Store.
  • What is the purpose of the empty slots in the lands nearby the city?
    Starting from level 8 you would be able to erect buildings in the corresponding slots of the plains nearby the main city.
  • How do I use the energy boosts?
    Open the Energy Boosts tab of your Inventory and tap Use button below the required item.
  • How do I gain access to the Shaman's Abode, the Treasury Ruins, the Counselor's Chambers and the Chambers Ruins?
    To explore certain locations you should find special items called Requisites. For example, for the Shaman's Abode you need Spirit Shards which you can obtain by interacting with creatures on the map (either by banishing or trading with them), or by purchasing them in the Store. Note that Requisites are spent every time a location is explored, whether successfully or not.
  • How do I fight different hazards?
    Hazards can be banished using special items called Relics. You can buy them in the Store or obtain by trading in Collections. Of course, a hazard may be driven away simply by completing the scene, but it would cost you additional energy to spend.
  • How can I get crystals?
    Every time you level up, you get 5 crystals as a reward. You can also win crystals by playing the Wheel of Fortune or the Slot-machine with the highest bid. Additionally, you can purchase crystals in the Bank.
  • What level should I get to meet any monsters or friendly creatures?
    Creatures begin to appear on the island starting from level 4. As you unlock new building types on the map, a new creature type appears. Creatures fall in two categories: the first ones should be banished with weapons, while others are natives with whom you can trade various artifacts.
  • I explored the location, but did not find any items. Why?
    Every location you explore has potential collection items in it. All of them are shown in the information window which pops up before you go to hidden object scene. Sometimes exploring location will not result in receiving any reward for it and it is random with the placement of these items, so you may have to search certain location several times before you finally get something.