• What can I do with the application crashing on my iPad1?
    As the game is constantly being updated and supplemented with new content, its performance on the devices of the older generation may be not as perfect as we want it to be and some issues can occur, predominantly crashing.

    We are certainly doing our best to make the game run flawless on all the devices, but to keep the game full of content and new features we have to use all the opportunities the new generation devices have to offer, so most our games are better suited for later iPad models.

    We advise you to undertake the following actions that usually help most users:
    - Clear cache and cookie-files.
    - Delete applications you no longer use.
    - Close out all other programs running in the background via multitask bar before launching the game.
    - Reboot your device regularly.

    We cannot guarantee that the measures offered will help you avoid any kinds of issues completely, but we hope that at the very least they will make some aspects of the game performance more comfortable.
  • I can't download an update from AppStore. What should I do?
    First of all check free memory space available on your device and clear it upon necessity. Then close your game in the proper manner: press Home button on your device and the application will get folded. After that press Home button twice and the panel with launched applications will pop-up. Press the game icon and hold it until the icon starts vibrating and press "-" sign to close the application. To hide the panel press Home button or your device.
    In case after all attempts made you are still unable to download the update, you should contact Apple Support concerning this matter to resolve the issue.
    To do that, please follow the link:
  • How do I find my MAC-address?
    To know your MAC-address, please switch on Wi-Fi and go to menu:
    Settings - General - About device. MAC-address will be shown in the Wi-Fi address tab.
  • I cannot purchase ingame currency. It keeps telling to check my Internet connection.
    The issue may be explained by the fact that the in-game purchases are turned off in the restriction settings of your device. Please try to turn the ingame purchases on the following way: go to Settings → General → Restrictions → In-App purchases ON
  • I have a question about Game Insight Center. Can you help me?
    Please, check the following forum:
    Hope you will find an answer to your question here. In case your concern remains unsolved, feel free to contact our Support Team for additional information.
  • How can I find my purchase receipts in iTunes?
    To view your Purchase history, open iTunes on your PC/Mac → click on the Store tab in the upper menu in iTunes → View My Account → enter your login and password (if requested) and you will see your account information. Open your Purchase history and click on See all.
    Alternatively, if you are using a computer with iTunes 6.0.3 or later installed, open iTunes on your PC/Mac → click on Account → enter login and password → click on Purchase History → See all.
    Here are the instructions on how you can take screenshots on your PC/Mac if necessary:
  • How to make a screenshot on Mac?
    There are several ways to make a screenshot on your Mac. Check the instructions below:

    Press Command Shift 4, then select the part of the screen you want to capture. Then let go the mouse and the screenshot will be saved on your desktop as a file.
    Press Command Shift 3 to make the screenshot of the whole screen. It will be also saved as a file at your desktop.
    Press Command Shift Spacebar 4 to make a screenshot of only one window. Roll over the window you want to capture and click on it to make a picture.

    Note that in case you want to save the screenshot in the clipboard just add Control button to any combination.
    Also you can use a Grab utility instead of the shortcuts above. This application goes with Mac OS X and you can find it in Applications/Utilities/Grab.
  • How to make a screenshot on PC with Microsoft Windows OS?
    There are several simple ways to make a screenshot on your PC with Windows OS.
    1) Snipping Tool Item.
    The Snipping Tool method works with Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate, and with Windows Vista editions except Starter and Home Basic. The Snipping Tool can be found in Start/All Programs/Accessories/Snipping Tool.
    Open the tool and select the area you want to capture or make a "full-screen snip". Save the screenshot by clicking the floppy disk icon in the window that pops up.
    2) Print Screen Button
    Press the "Print screen" button on your keyboard to take a Full Screen Screenshot or press the Print Screen Alt to capture only one active window. Then open Microsoft Paint and paste the screenshot. To make that press Ctrl V buttons. Save the file on your computer.
    Now you can send your screenshots to us on
  • Where can I find crash reports?
    If you experience crashes with applications on your device, you can help us solve those issues by sending your crash reports to our Support Team.
    These crash reports are stored on your device at the time of the
    crash. When you sync your device with iTunes, these reports are copied
    to your computer.
    To find them, check the following folder:
    1) If you are using Mac:
    2) If you are running Windows XP:
    C:/Documents and Settings//Application/DataApple/computer/Logs/CrashReporter/
    3) If you are running Windows Vista/ Windows 7:
    C:Users/[USERNAME]/AppData/Roaming/Apple computer/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/
    In case you cannot find these folders on your computer, try to enter
    the way manually. Click on the address line and type the way to the
    Once you find all the information requested, please send it to us at so we could make a review on your question.
  • How do I select an appropriate username?
    Please note, that the username you select has to meet certain requirements:
    - it should not be longer than 20 symbols or shorter than 2 symbols;
    - contain special symbols;
    - begin with a number;
    - begin or end with a blank;
    - mix symbols from different languages.
    Also please try to avoid expletives and strong language for the the sake of other players' comfort.
  • How to take a screenshot with my iPad, iPhone or iPod?
    To take a screenshot using your iPad, iPhone or iPod please press the Home button and the Power button simultaneously. You will see the screen ‘flash’ white and hear a camera ‘clicking’ sound. Then you can find the taken screenshots in the Photo folder → Camera Roll/ Saved Photos.
  • I am missing the application on the device, why is that?
    If your iOS device is missing an application or it is not available at the Home Screen, make sure that Restrictions are not enabled. Note: Restrictions can also be enabled or enforced using a profile (typically installed when using the device for business or education purposes). You can check for installed profiles in Settings → General → Profiles. For additional information, contact the administrator or the person who installed the profile.
  • How do I turn off notifications?
    You can either turn off all push notifications or push notifications for individual apps.
    Turn Off Push Notifications:
    1. Go to the Home Screen.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Then select Notifications.
    4. Finally switch it to the Off position.

    Turn Off Push Notifications For Individual Apps:
    1. Go to the Home Screen.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Then select Notifications.
    4. When Push Notifications are turned on, each individual app you have installed that uses push notifications will be listed on the right side of the screen.Touch the app name to modify the app's push notification settings. From this screen, you can turn off Sounds, Alerts and/or Badges..
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    Dear Players,
    please follow the news and announcements at our Facebook communities here:
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  • App Store shows application as installed, but I cannot find it on my device. Why?
    To fix this problem please download the application via iTunes and then synchronize it with your previous version. Please, read carefully the instructions and terms of the programm. We also advise you to back up your data before synchronization.
    Follow this link to to find more information:
  • Why does it tell me that I should buy the application before buying game money?
    The problem occurred when you changed Apple ID on your device. You should contact Apple Support concerning this matter to resolve the issue.
    To do that, please follow the link:
  • When I made a purchase my card was charged an extra $1. Why?
    iTunes holds $1 to confirm your card is valid. After a while, iTunes will return $1. To find out more, please contact iTunes Support:
  • How can I transfer my game progress from one platform to another?
    Games on iPhone, iPad and Android platform are different. They are not compatible with each other and there is no opportunity to transfer the game progress.
  • How to change language in the game?
    To change language in the game you should change it on your device.  Go to: Settings → General → International → Language →Select language.

  • How do I update my apps using iTunes (on my PC)?
    There is a link to check for updates in the Applications` section on the sidebar, at the lower right section in the Apps list.
  • How can I download and install a game?
    To download an application on your iPad or iPhone, please open the App Store app on your iPad and use the search function to search for a game’s name.
    Example: My Country on iPad:
  • How can I delete the game?
    To delete an application from your device, please find the game icon on your desktop. Press the icon and hold it until the icons start vibrating. Press the "cross sign" in the upper-left corner of the icon and a confirmation window will pop up. Press the "Delete" button to remove the game from your device. Press the "Back" button to complete the process.
  • How can I do backup and restore the game content?
    You can make backup with the help of iCloud/iTunes. Please, follow this link for more detailed information:
    Note that you can transfer your game progress only from iPad to iPad or from iPhone to iPhone. For example, you will not be able to transfer your game from iPhone to iPad.
  • How should I exit the game?
    Please make sure to exit the game correctly.

    On an iPhone or iPad, press the Home button on your device and the application will be minimized and you will return to your device’s desktop view. Then press the Home button twice and the panel with launched applications will pop up at the bottom of the screen. Press the game icon for the game you wish to close and hold it until the icon starts vibrating, then press the minus "-" sign to close the application. To hide this panel, press the Home button on your device again.

    There is a slight difference in iOS 7. What you need to do is double click the home button so Multitasking pops up, then swipe up on the open app you want to close.

  • How can I protect myself from accidental purchases?

    To protect yourself from accidental and unintentional purchases go to  Settings → Restrictions → Enable Restrictions → In-App Purchases → Set to "Off" on your device.