• I cannot download an application from Google Play, keep receiving error message.

    We can advise the following way to resolve it:
    1) On your device, go to Settings → Privacy → Automatic restore and disable this option.
    2) Stay in the Settings directory and go to Application → Manage applications. Find the AppMarket in the list of applications, clear its cache, clear the data and uninstall all the updates with the help of the correspondent buttons in the application info.
    3) Close all the running apps and programs and reboot your device.
    After you follow the instructions above, you will be ready to install the application with no problems.

  • I have got "Invalid package file" error. How can I fix it?

    This error is caused by lack of free space on your Android device. To eliminate the issue, you should:
    1) Move all your installed applications to the SD-card (e.g. by using App2SD application).
    2) Clear your cache (by using SD Maid, Clean master).
    3) Reboot your device.
    4) Install the game.

  • How do I find my MAC-address?
    To know your MAC-address, please switch on Wi-Fi and go to menu: Wi-Fi → Advanced and MAC-address will be shown below.
  • What shall I do if it displays HK$ when I try to make a purchase?
    In case you try to make a purchase in one of our applications and the price is shown in HK$, it means that Google Play does not support transactions of your country's currency. In this case the price of the purchases is calculated with the regard to the operating currency rate.

    Here is the list of countries with the national currency supported by Google Play:

    Austria EUR, Australia AUD, Belygium EUR, Brazil BRL, Canada CAD, Switzerland CHF, Czech Republic CZK, Germany EUR, Denmark DKK, Estonia EUR, Spain EUR, Finland EUR, France EUR, UK GBP, Greece EUR, Gonkong HKD, Ireland EUR, Izrael ILS, India INR, Italy EUR, Japan JPY, Republic of Korea KRW, Luxembourg EUR, Mexico MXN, Netherlands EUR, Norway NOK, New Zealand NZD, Poland PLN, Portugal EUR, Russia RUB, Sweden SEK, Singapore, SGD, Slovenia EUR, Slovakia EUR, USA USD.
  • What payment method can I use while making a purchase of in-game currency in the application?
    All transactions at Google Play are provided by Google. You can ask your questions at:
    Google Wallet Support Page:
  • How to make a screenshot on an Android device?
    There is no common way to make a screenshot for all Android devices . However, here are some methods that might help you to capture your screen.1) Try pressing a combination of buttons, for example:

    Press the Power button with the Home button.
    The Power button and the Volume Up/Volume Down button.
    The menu and Home button.

    This method works for devices that have a built-in screen capture function. Almost every device with 4.0 version of Android allows you to make screenshots using these shortcuts.
    2) There are a lot of Android Screen shot apps available on Google Play. We recommend you to check them because the ability to take screenshots on your Android tablet or Android phone is extremely useful.
  • How do I select an appropriate username?
    Please note, that the username you select has to meet certain requirements. It should not:
    - be longer than 20 symbols or shorter than 2 symbols;
    - contain special symbols;
    - begin with a number;
    - begin or end with a blank;
    - mix symbols from different languages.
    Also please try to avoid expletives and strong language for the the sake of other players' comfort. For the purpose of protecting your personal data please do not use your referral code as a username.
  • How can I download and install a game?
    To download an application on your Android tablet or handset, please open the Google Play Store app on your device, or go to the Google Play site at and use the search function to search for a game’s name.
    Example: Paradise Island on Google Play:
    To download and install an application on your device once you have found it on the App Store or Google Play, please tap the “Install” button and wait for the game to load.
  • I cannot buy game credits. Why?
    The issue may occur due to different reasons on Google Play. The current solution to this issue is to keep trying to make a purchase with a stable Internet connection. If the issue remains contact Google Play Support: By reporting the problem to Google Play Support, you're helping to improve purchase processing and to eliminate minor errors.
  • Where can I find my Google order number?
    You can find your receipt and order number by logging into the account you used to make the purchase:
    To review your Google Wallet transaction history, go to the dashboard and touch the History icon. Your most recent transactions will appear on the screen. To see older transactions, touch Show more....
  • What are accepted payment methods at Google?
    As all transactions are provided by Google, please see the information about accepted payment methods here:
  • Links to Facebook communities of our applications for Android

    Dear Players, 
    please follow the news and announcements at our Facebook communities here:
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  • How can I clear the Market/Google Play cache?
    To clear the Market/Google Play cache please open Settings → Applications → Manage Applications → Market/Google Play and tap "Clear cache".
  • I'm confused about knowing if a purchase is free. Are you always asked for confirmation of buying the purchase. I thought this game was free?
    The application itself is free but all purchases of in-game money will be charged from your card. Our players buy game credits to speed up their progress in the game, to gain more features and extra things.

    It is always up to you to decide whether to play for free or to spend some money on the game.
  • Why can I update the game only using Wi-Fi?
    Google Play set a limitation and now you can update your games only using Wi-Fi connection. As it was not implemented by our company, we have no opportunity to disable the feature.
  • How to update Google Play?
    For Android 1.6 and higher, the Google Play application automatically updates itself when new versions become available. This is a silent update which means you will not see a notification and will not be prompted to update. 
    To see your Google Play version open Settings → Applications → Manage Applications → Google Play
    You can find more information here:
  • How to install APK files on Android?
    APK applications are basically Android package applications. If you don't want to use the Google Play app on your phone then you can try these solutions. The easiest methods are described in the easy alternative ways to install APK files section below.
    Through the Google PlayTo install APK applications on your Android phone do the following: 1. Copy the APK file you want to install to your phone's memory card and insert the card into your Android phone. 2. Go to Google Play and search for the Apps Installer, App Installer, z-App Installer or Fast Installer application. 3. Open it and click on the Install button. 4. After it is installed, just open it. It will show you all the APK files stored directly in the root directory of your memory card. 5. Just click on the application you want to install and it will be installed.You could also just install a file manager app like Astro File Manager and then browse to the APK and install it.
    Using the Android SDKThere is another method that can be used, you can install APK files into your phone using the Android SDK.Download the Android SDK.First of all, install the Android SDK on your computer. You will also need to install the Android USB drivers to connect the SDK to your phone via USB. You can download it from here -
    To install applications from other sources, you also need go to Settings -> Application Settings and enable Unknown Sources. Also go to Settings -> SD Card and Phone Storage -> Disable Use for USB Storage. You can enable it again later.Next, just open Command Prompt and type: adb install path/file.apkWhere path is the full path to the APK file and file is the name of the APK application file. Your application is now installed. This is all you need to do, now just open the application on your phone and use it.
    Easy Alternative Ways to Install APK FilesAs long as you have enabled Unknown Sources as mentioned above there are some very easy alternative ways to get that APK file on to your Android device. You could use the DropBox or Awesome Drop apps to transfer the APK file wirelessly. You could also e-mail the APK file to the e-mail account on your Android phone. Once the APK is on your phone just tap on it and it should prompt the install process.
    You can also use this video instruction: 
  • When I made a purchase my card was charged an extra $1. Why?
    Google Wallet charges you $1 to confirm your card is valid. After a while Google Wallet returns $1. To find out more about it please contact Google Wallet Support:
  • How I can transfer my game progress from one platform to another?
    Games on iPhone, iPad and Android platform are different. They are not compatible with each other and there is no opportunity to transfer the game progress.
  • How to find the version of Android on my device?
    In order to find your Android version go to Settings → About Phone/Tablet → Android version.
  • I've changed my Facebook account/password. How can I reconnect my game account to it?
    If you changed your Facebook account or the password to it go to: Account Settings → Apps → Edit → Remove app.
    When you receive another notification or achievement in the game you will be offered to login. Please, enter your new Facebook data.
  • How can I save my progress to SD-card?
    For the time being you have no opportunity to save your game progress to SD-card.
    The current solution to this problem is doing backup of your device data. If named problems occur, you will be able to restore your progress from backup.
    You can make a backup of your saves using your device's software or any third-party software which provides such options. You can load the backup with the help of the device you used to make it. At the moment our players make backup themselves. Please, download special programmes to make a backup and follow their instructions. 
    Please, note that any purchase of in-game currency, made after the last backup will not be compensated after restoring from backup.
  • I cannot download the application/update from Google Play, why?

    Problems with downloading or installing applications/updates from Google Play are already well known. 
    They occur with different devices and different applications. The root of the problem is that the size of games comes close to 30 MB. On many devices the size of cache memory required to update/download the game from Google Play is less than the game size. It causes updating/downloading error and whenever you attempt to update/download an application, you get "insufficient space", "this game version is not compatible with your device" message or even cannot find the game at the Google Play. 

    More information can be found on this forum.
    Here you can also discuss your problem with other users:!category-topic/android-market/technical-help/hBxmRj8lBic

    Or you can ask your question here:

    In case you still experience the mentioned problem we can suggest you to delete Google Play updates.
    Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> search the list for “Google Play/Market” app and tap it. After that press “Uninstall Updates”. You can also use "Eris Market Fix" application to do it.
    Wait until the process of deleting completes and go to Google Play. Try to update your game again.

    Hope this information will help you!

  • Spam advertising notifications in my inbox. Why?
    We can assure you that we never make players' information available to advertising companies. Our notifications concern only the game itself.
  • How to change the language in the game?
    To change the language in the game you need to change it on your device.  Go to: Settings → Language and input → Select language (in the right hand column).
  • How can I delete my credit card information?
    All transactions in Google Play are provided by Google Wallet service. To delete your credit card information log in to your account at: and there you will be able to imply necessary changes.
  • How can I move the game to SD-card?
    To move your application to SD-card/Phone go to Settings → Applications → Manage Applications → Move to SD/Move to phone.
  • How to write a review?
    If the Android version is 2.X.X. please enter Google Play, find the game in question and click "My review". You can vote (1-5 stars) and write a review there.
    If the Android version you have is 3.X.X. please open Google Play using your browser (link: ) and find the game you are playing. After entering your Google account you'll be able to vote (1-5 stars) and write a review.
  • How can I protect myself from accidental purchases?

    To prevent yourself from unintentional and accidental purchases as well as purchases that can be made by somebody else who uses your phone without your knowkedge (e.g.: children or someone else), please set a PIN code . You're able to set a PIN code if you're running Google Play version 3.1 or higher on your phone. To set a PIN code for purchasing, open Google Play on your phone and touch Menu > Settings > Set or change PIN, and enter a PIN code. After touching OK, you'll need to re-enter your PIN to confirm, then check the box for "Use PIN for purchases." Whenever you try to purchase in an application, you'll be prompted to enter this PIN code before you can complete your purchase. Please, see here:

  • How can I update the game?
    To update the game manually:
    1. Go to the Google Play → enter game name in the Search field → press Update button → press Accept
  • How can I delete the game?
    To delete the game from your device please follow the instructions: Go to Settings → choose Applications → Manage applications and press on the required application. You will see some options available. Press Uninstall button to delete the game.