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Two great games come to Windows 10

10 December 2015

Adding to its existing library of 13 games available on Windows 10, Game Insight announced the addition of two new games to the Windows Store today: the hidden object adventure Love and Dragons, and the trading and city-building simulation Maritime Kingdom.

Love and Dragons: set out on an exciting journey to a magical world of dragons, where you’ll encounter mighty warriors and skillful sorcerers, true love and vile betrayal. Get ready for treacherous intrigues and enigmatic crimes, magical swirls of secrets and ancient legends! Help your companion, the beautiful Miralda, fight the horrible prophecy and find her true love. Search for hidden objects, fight creatures of the abyss, assemble incredible collections and meet characters, each with their own unique backgrounds and hobbies.

Maritime Kingdom: conquer the seven seas in this breathtaking city builder game set in a fictional world resembling Medieval Europe. Build a mighty fleet and establish trade with other countries to bring prosperity to your lands. The game features more than 350 quests, a trade system that utilizes over 30 resources, and a delicate balance of diplomacy and city building.

Both Love and Dragons and Maritime Kingdom are available now and can be downloaded for free by visiting the Windows Store

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