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03 December 2014
Facebook.com | Turning players into payers
Success Story
Turning players into payers

Lithuanian game developer Game Insight scored a 9X return on investment with a savvy Facebook re-engagement strategy that brought back 60,000 highly engaged players.

Their Story
Ahead of the game

Game Insight, a global developer with headquarters in Lithuania, is best known for the hugely popular game The Tribez. Facebook has been central to its success and represents a major part of its advertising spend. But Game Insight saw even more potential to grow its business further with Facebook.

Their Goal
Growing the Tribez

Game Insight set its sights on increasing The Tribez’s million-strong user base further—while growing its overall business—by using Facebook to target and attract lapsed players.

"With Facebook, we can show our advertising to real people and we can see how they react to it. This is the only advertising system where we can be so close to our audience,"- Spokesperson, Game Insight.

Their Solution
Action re-play

“It was a total re-engagement strategy for people who had perhaps deleted the app,” says a spokesperson for Game Insight. The campaign used a Custom Audience to target the right audience and mobile app ads to bring these customers back to the game.

“We created a Custom Audience of players who hadn’t connected with the game in the last 2 weeks—or longer,” explains the spokesperson. “The aim was to get maximum return on investment.” Each month, Game Insight ran ads based on new game content and timely occasions like ‘Back to School’. This kind of custom creative proved crucial for the campaign.

Products used

  • Mobile App Adverts
  • Custom Audiences


  • Build Awareness
  • Increase Online Sales
  • Promote an App
Their Creative
Emotional connections

Using what it knew about its audience and their interests, Game Insight custom-fit its creative to connect with people emotionally. It used the Audience Insight tool to analyze and understand its players' behaviour and preferences.

“We saw what kind of TV shows or books they like and we used this in our creative,” says Game Insight's spokesperson. “We always try to use insights to drive our creative. For example, women love it when we ask them to help characters in the game, whereas men love it when we ask them to fight.”

Their Success
Game on

Game Insight’s savvy re-engagement strategy, fuelled by Custom Audiences and data-driven creative, successfully brought players back to the game over the 4-month campaign between June–September 2014. Game Insight's spokesperson says, "We not only brought back players, but payers!"

  • 9X return on investment
  • 3% click-through rate
  • 60,000 customers re-engaged