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Transport Empire in Amazon App Store

27 August 2014

Good news for all the owners of Kindle devices! If you want to build your own transport and industrial empire, you can do it in our new economic strategy game, Transport Empire. The game is now available for download in Amazon App Store.

Transport Empire is a fascinating economic strategy game inspired by the Victorian Era with a little bit of steampunk mixed in. Here you are a budding entrepreneur, and it is for you to raise the vast country of Storwell to the heights of industrial glory. You will need to build railroads, air and water transport, and various industrial endeavors. Dispatch locomotives, steamboats, and airships; construct roads and mines; develop cities. Earn the respect and love of the locals while avoiding the sinister machinations of your rivals.

Previously, Transport Empire was released for iOS and Android.

Download the game from the Amazon App Store

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