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Running Shadow Among the First Games on Android TV

05 November 2014

Running Shadow, a hardcore 3D game developed by Game Insight, is to be included in the starting lineup for the launch of the Android TV platform and Nexus Player. With its high-performance muscle needed for even the most demanding full-3D Android games, Nexus Player will allow players to enjoy high-quality Android games, like Running Shadow, on their HDTVs.

“The Nexus Player’s high level of performance opens a whole new world for game developers. Players get an affordable new console, which is fully integrated with the essential Google Play services,” says Anatoly Ropotov, Game Insight CEO. “Android 5.0 Lollipop erases the boundaries between mobile platforms, home entertainment centers and wearables. The timing couldn't be better for Game Insight, since our recent initiative to add hardcore 3D game development to our repertoire, and expand beyond mobile onto consoles.”

A unique mix of an RPG and runner with quick time combat sequences, Running Shadow is set in an expansive fantasy world filled with spectacular locations and a shadowy host of characters. The game combines simple mechanics with a rich, mysterious storyline full of intrigue and secrets. The player is thrust into the role of skillful assassin who possesses death-defying acrobatic skills and an ancient artifact: The Gauntlet of the Celestial Guardian. More than one million people all over the world are playing Running Shadow, which is powered by Unity. The game’s controls were fully adapted for joysticks and TV remotes supported by the Android TV platform.

"Game Insight's Running Shadow is a fantastic example of what can be achieved when a developer creates a 3D game in Unity. We look forward to seeing more Unity content developed for the Android TV marketplace," said Antony Douglas, Vice President EMEA, Unity Technologies.

The release of Running Shadow on Android TV is only the first step. Game Insight plans to develop new titles as well as port existing games to Google’s new platform. Choosing Unity for these projects has proven to be a great help in this undertaking. Leveraging the power of Unity Technologies’ cross-platform development software for Running Shadow and upcoming releases has provided the technology and tools to create beautiful, full-featured and performant games while affording the flexibility to quickly meet the requirements of the new platform.

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