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The Tribez & Castlez for Amazon App Store

04 June 2014

Magical adventures come to the city building games on the Amazon App Store with the release of The Tribez & Castlez! Previously released for iOS, Android and Facebook, The Tribez & Castlez now takes players with Android devices using the Amazon App Store on a captivating journey into the world of sorcery, dragons, and high adventures.

In The Tribez & Castlez, players build their very own kingdom, bringing prosperity to people with bustling factories and busy farms that produce bountiful crops and healthy livestock. But as life in the kingdom is far from quiet and peaceful, they also prepare for war by building mage towers and training battle Dragos to defend their subjects from Gobools, Trollums and other evil creatures.

Download The Tribez & Castlez for Amazon now and experience an enchanting new chapter in city building games!

Download The Tribez & Castlez for Amazon

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