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Pocketgamer.co.uk | Sharpen your sword to help Game Insight in the closed beta for Dragon Warlords right now

10 September 2014

Previously best known for its sim and hidden object games, Game Insight is now using Unity to boost its ambitions with a host of 3D hardcore games in development.

One such is 3D action strategy fantasy game Dragon Warlords, which is coming to iOS and Android.

The game combines tower defence elements with the tactical deployment of over 25 different units — wizards, knights, heroes, dragons — in PVP multiplayer-focused action.

Testing, testing

Before it’s all polished and ready for action, however, Game Insight is running a closed beta to catch all those last minute bugs and ensure that the game is fully balanced and ready for launch.

And that’s were you can help out.

The Android version of the game is now available in a closed beta.

Just head over the Google+ page to find out more details and get signed up.

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