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Insidemobileapps.com | Mobile Game News Roundup: Thanksgiving 2014 Edition

26 November 2014

Thanksgiving is right around the corner (for those that celebrate it this week), and app developer Game Insight is capitalizing on the holiday by giving us all something to be thankful for: content updates in popular games, from 2020: My Country to Paradise Island and beyond. Here’s a look at a few of those updates, available across smartphones and tablets.

2020: My Country (iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone) – Game Insight’s city-builder has been updated with Thanksgiving quests and items, including the Auburn Turkey Statue, which can be sent between friends as a gift. Users can visit their friends to catch runaway turkeys, and players will prepare their towns for a Thanksgiving celebration before celebrating on Mayfloweer Square. If gamers can complete the entire event, they’ll earn 50 CountryBucks.


Airport City (iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone) – In this airport-focused city-builder, players will help Stewardess Jane provide the right dishes and fireworks to help their guests celebrate the holiday. Players can complete unique Thanksgiving collections and quests involving missing cranberry syrup.


Cloud Raiders (iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone) – Game Insight’s base-building combat game has been updated with a new army in the Leftover Legion, led by the mighty Turkinator. If players fail to defeat the Turkinator and his army, their base will be left in ruins. In addition, a Thanksgiving Chest has been added to the game, which contains unique, never-before-seen items.


Flower House (iOS, Android) – This flower creation and breeding game will be updated with new statues for decorating window sills, and players will be able to buy rare, useful tools in the store for low prices during the Black Friday fair. In addition, players will help Miranda cook the Thanksgiving dinner to receive a “generous and unique reward.”


Love & Dragons (iOS) – This hidden object game has been updated with a new location: the Hall of Plenty. Users can complete new quests with Wilgo the Dragonling, and will welcome new characters in the game, which are only available during the holiday. Finally, players can complete new item collections to receive rewards.

Mirrors of Albion (iOS, Android, Amazon) – Another hidden object game, Mirrors of Albion has been updated with a new location: the Turkey House. Gamers can complete new quests and collections in this Thanksgiving event, while players will also likely notice some permanent enhancements as well: namely, technical improvements and increased application stability.

Mirrors of Albion
Paradise Island (iOS, Android, Amazon) – During this event, all players will find their island being invaded by turkeys, which can be captured to collect special event-specific resources. Players on iOS are encouraged to catch the Golden Turkey for a special reward, while also constructing new buildings and earning new achievements. Meanwhile, players on Android and Amazon devices can complete special contracts and earn the main prize of the event: a Thanksgiving theme park.

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