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Microsoft.com | Halloween update for ‘Cloud Raiders’ adds zombies, ghost crews and Haunted Island skin

24 October 2014

The latest update to “Cloud Raiders” incorporates all kinds of Halloween-themed tricks and treats, such as adding zombies and ghost crews through The Flying Dutchmen Challenge, and battling underworld forces for four weeks during this spooky season.

Unlock an exclusive Haunted Island skin for your base. Earn and buy Halloween potions, like Pumpkin Juice that doubles the speed of your units during battles with the undead hoards. In a sky filled with floating islands, it’s your intention to dominate them all – from the vantage point of a five-million-ton stronghold. Assemble an army of ruthless raiders and transform your island into an unassailable fortress. Form clans with your friends and blast enemies out of the skies.

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