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Biogamergirl.com | Halloween Themed Content Inbound from Game Insight

28 October 2014

Mobile developer and publisher Game Insight has announced Halloween themed content is on its way for many popular titles in the company's library of games including 2020: My Country, Airport City, Cloud Raiders, Flower House, Legacy of Transylvania, Mirrors of Albion, Mystery Manor, Paradise Island, Sunshine Bay and Tribez and Castlez.

Gasp at the variety of spine-tingling events and surprises! Get ready to be frightened by hideouscreatures and bloodcurdling tales. All this and more await you.

Conquer vile Pumpkinheads and their diabolical leader in The Tribez, protect the innocent civilians of your city from the foul creatures of darkness in Big Business Deluxe, explore the spooky Dark Library in Mystery Manor HD, and save the people of Adan from the undead hordes in Dragon Eternity!

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