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Gotgame.com | Game Insight announces new Knowledge Base on X-Mercs: Invasion website

18 August 2014

Today Game Insight was excited to announce that a brand new version of the official X-Mercs: Invasion website is starting its work, granting any interested all the game information that they could possibly wish for.

For those unaware, X-Mercs: Invasion based strategy game in which you will become the head of your own military corporation. You will need to gather a team of professional fighters in order to fight off the alien invasion, study alien technologies (to learn the motives of the invaders), create the deadliest weapons possible, and raise your very own modern military base.

The official website grants you access to all the game information available for the upcoming title, and will be, Game Insight promises, constantly updated with new information as it becomes available.

The game is scheduled to release this year on iPad and iPhone devices.

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