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Getdigitalstyle.com | St. Patrick’s Day Marketing: The Good and The Bad

23 March 2015

Connecting with your customers by creating content related to holidays can be a really effective way to attract attention, bolster company awareness and improve sales, but if you don't do your research, it could really cost you.

3. Game Insight

Game Insight (game-insight.com) a company that makes a variety of popular social and mobile games this year started incorporating St. Patrick’s Day themes into their already existing games.

In popular games like The Tribez, you can help catch leprechauns and return stolen items to build a unique tavern. In Airport City you are able and acquire ancient celtic artifacts. In Big Business Deluxe, there are quests to possess St. Patrick’s Cathedral, just to name a few examples. It’s true agility in marketing and an overall more interesting and fun gaming experience to be able to include current events and holidays into their products.



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