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Game Insight brings romance to its leading titles

13 February 2015

The most romantic holiday of them all is approaching — Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to surprise your loved ones with gifts. We at Game Insight are all ready to surprise our players with holiday updates and events!

A lot of games will have a festive atmosphere during the weekend! Valuable gifts and holiday events, new game locations and charming characters, magic collections and exciting quests — all this, and much more awaits you. Send Valentine’s Day cards to your friends in The Tribez, help Cupid arrange a celebration in Big Business Deluxe, compose incredible bouquets in Flower House, and compete for the love of a beautiful princess in The Tribez & Castlez!

And that’s not all! You can join in the holiday fun in all the following games: Sunshine Bay, Airport City, Paradise Island, Legacy of Transylvania, Mystery Manor, 2020: My Country, Cloud Raiders, Mysterior, Mirrors of Albion, and Love & Dragons.

Just don’t miss the most important thing of all — maybe someone has sent you a valentine! Spend your Valentine’s Day with Game Insight titles!

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