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Flower House for iPhone

13 August 2014

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own flower paradise? Now it’s time to make this dream come true: Flower House is now available for iPhone! The game has been previously released for iPad.

Create all-new flower breeds by crossing a rose with an iris, or a jasmine with an orchid. Flower House will let players create unbelievably beautiful new breeds of flower — more than 100 varieties in all, including some not found in the real world. Players will also visit interesting locales like modern cities, cozy suburbs, and even remote tropical islands in the hunt for the next new blossom, while making use of a variety of vases, mounts, and figurines to design unique interiors built entirely with their own sense of style. Experience a lush new chapter in free simulation games — download Flower House for iPhone now!

Download Flower House for iPhone

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