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Create your own tourist haven with Paradise Island 2

05 May 2015

If you've always fancied yourself to become a tourist conglomerate head, you can start practicing on virtual games until that day finally comes. One of the more popular economy simulation games is back to help you "train" as you create a whole island filled with tourist destination and fun and exciting activities and facilities for your guests. Welcome Paradise Island 2 into your mobile device.

All the thing that you loved about the first Paradise Island is back, but of course with improvements and new features. But just in case, you're new to the party, the game is all about building your own tourist city and keeping your visitors happy by creating an environment that screams fun, adventure, and excitement. Your only task is to turn it into "a fabulous must-visit holiday spot". You can do that by building restaurants, stores, tourist spots, activity centers, etc. Basically, anything that will keep them on the island for as long as they can.

Aside from your usual task of creating a whole economy around the tourist industry, you also get to play mini-games and fulfill tasks and challenges so you can earn more points, which you can then use to add stores and facilities to the island. You can also play with other players all over the world, and even your friends that you can find through the game's social connection.

You can also play this game even without Internet connection. You can download Paradise Island 2 from the Google Play Store for free. It has in-app purchases available to help you build the island, but it's not a necessity.

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