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Cloud Raiders in Windows Store

25 September 2014

Floating islands, cloud castles, pirates, goblins and dragons, fierce fights and untold treasures: in Cloud Raiders you’ll find all these — and much more! The new cross-platform strategy game featuring epic real-time 200-vs-200 battles is now available in the Windows Store. The game version for Windows 8 serves players with an extra helping of special sauce in the form of tantalizing ULTRA-HD graphics, and optimized controls for mouse and touch devices, like Microsoft’s flagship tablet Surface Pro 3.

In Cloud Raiders you can build fearsome sky fortresses bristling with cannons, traps, and magical defenses. Expansive battles with up to 200 units on each side are fought in the skies; artillery, bombs and spells are used to repel and defeat the enemy. The players can fight in PvP mode, defend their own fortress or assault the enemy, join clans, take part in team contests and attempt the Campaign Conquest. They can also hire elite units for the most challenging missions and raids.

Cloud Raiders, which has already attracted more than a million players from different countries, has been released for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Facebook.

Download Cloud Raiders in Windows Store

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