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Microsoft.com | Build the perfect city on your Lumia

16 March 2015

Become a great urban planner with these virtual city-building Windows Phone games.

I always marvel at the thought of living in a perfect city: a futuristic place straight out of a sci-fi film in which everything is organized and accounted for. If you too like to shape society, play these popular city-building games.

Cloud Raiders (free)

Cloud Raiders offers engaging gameplay in the form of casual strategic battles, base building, clan support, and more.

Hone your leadership as you battle sky pirates in a competitive raiding game. At the start of the game, your airship falls prey to an attack, leaving the crew stranded on one of many floating islands. You must rally your troops and meet your attackers head on, across Floating Fortresses, Pirate Rafts and walls!

Your base is centered on a building called the Stronghold. From there, make plans to wage attacks on other players’ islands. There are powerful cannons, cunning traps and other strategies to protect your base and grab the loot.

My Country (free)

My Country

Tackle real-world problems when building your own nation in My Country. Become successful by developing industries and a transportation infrastructure while eliminating ecological threats.

The game is not limited to simple buildings construction. You can hire employees, open office buildings, buy vehicles to transport the produced goods and eventually, reap higher profits.

Don’t forget to monitor your energy when you change the landscape of your country by creating canals and lakes or by planting hundreds of trees.

2020: My Country (free)

2020-My Country

Do you know how to manage a futuristic metropolis and keep your citizens happy and productive?

A sequel to My Country, this futuristic edition lets you customize each of your buildings, travel in cars that fly and watch for aliens. If any of this reminds you of “Minority Report,” wait until you see the amazing graphics and animations in 2020: My Country.

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