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22 May 2014
2p.com | Dragon Eternity Overview

Dragon Eternity is a free-to-play, cross-platform fighting MMOG from Q1 and Game Insight that takes players into the world of dragons, who fought off destruction of the world of Adan three thousand years ago. There are three classes available for players to chose: Berserk, Paladin and Witcher, and players are able to team up with Empire of Sadar or the Empire of Vaalor to search their fame and fortune. Currently, players can enjoy Dragon Eternity on browser client or iPad device, however, there are some restrictions on the iPad version for the game, for example, the level cup is 30 and many “mini games” can’t be skipped on iPad. It would make the game itself into a sea battle system.

It offers some customizable choices like hair color, skin, haircut, etc. Players can customize their characters in Barbershop. By leveling up, more Items, Magic, Equipment or other game features will be unlocked.

There are number of special organizations and societies in Tartu. By completing their tasks or participating in special events, players can earn different Reputation. Developing different Reputations and acquiring Valor in combats against other players will grant players access to unique Items and Equipment both for players’ Character and Dragon companion.

  • By participating in Sea Battles and Clan Wars, players earn Heroism and receive Ranks that grant access to unique Items while the Rating system shows how successful players are in comparison to other warriors of Adan.
  • While starting Equipment suits any Character, further along players will have to choose a Class for player’s Character: Berserk, Paladin or Witcher.

Dragons can level up, increasing their combat characteristics. Also, your winged companion can be empowered by Dragon Equipment that can be either purchased or received as combat trophies.

If players’ Character dies in combat while the winged companion is still alive, you can take control of the Dragon, thus continuing your participation in battle.

Various combat strategies are at your disposal: you may strike enemies with physical attacks , increasing the damage by using Orbs, cast Striking or Poisoning Spells, weaken enemies with Scrolls and Glyphs, summon Dragon or other creatures into combat etc.

There are 6 Schools of Magic available to warriors of Adan: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Chaos and Order. Each Class has a set of three Schools available to it. The player character also recovers mana with each passing turn, and when enough mana has been charged, spells may be cast.

Combat Magic is divided into Striking Spells that instantly deal big amounts of damage and Poisoning Spells that deal lesser damage over a number of turns. In addition to that, each Spell has a chance of invoking an additional effect (some Spells are guaranteed to cause a secondary effect).

Different types of Quests are available for warriors of Adan: Narrative Quests allow you to progress along game’s story line; Normal Quests represent your mundane adventures; Recurring Quests allow to develop Reputations and Mastery while Heroic Quests are connected with grandiose events that happen on Tartu. Generally, players will follow one or more quests for the most part during their time in game and most of these are designed primarily to introduce players to the game’s various concepts and interface elements. To complete quests, players generally have to visit a specific location and either interact with a character/location or defeat a specified number of enemies.

  • Doing Quests, you will have to fight dangerous monsters, search for lost items, lead investigations, unmask spies and help inhabitants of Tartu overcome difficulties.
  • After acquiring a mount, you will be able to enter combat on top of a mighty creature that will absorb 1/3 of the damage dealt to you until its Health runs out. In addition to that, riding a Mount will allow you to use ranged weapons. 

Multiple PvP battles are available to warriors of Adan, designed to satisfy every need. Unlike other games, in our world you can fight other players almost non-stop!

Sea Battles hold a specific place among other Battlegrounds. They are divided into several Phases. After gathering Piastres in the initial stage of the Sea Battle, players will be assigned roles of Captain, Gunners, Defenders or Sailors and participate in a Cannon Shootout between two ships, followed by an intense Boarding Phase.

Players can view the game world from a first-person perspective, allowing them to see all of the monsters and NPCs, while, the fights switch to a third-person side view reminiscent of a fighting game. The combat is turn-based with a timer at the top of the screen. To win the battle, players should beat enemy within limited time. Just tap on the enemy you want to fight, you will enter the combat. Using pop-up menu, players can travel to other place other areas.

The game’s social features include the ability to chat with other players either nearby or in a group. The game also provides the facility for players to join and create clans to work together with others, too. The game allows the facility to both cooperate with and compete against other players. Cooperation is achieved either by joining a group/raid and collaborating on communal objectives or by using the “Combats on Location” button in the corner of the screen to assist other players with battles they are currently engaging in. The competitive element comes about primarily through the “Battlegrounds” facility, which allows players of various levels of ability to compete against one another in team-based combat. Like in other MMORPGs, players may register their interest in competing against other players and “queue up” for a Battleground while doing other things — Battlegrounds trigger their events every few minutes, with the tougher battles occurring less frequently.

Dark monster-infested Skrag Caves where the mysterious Cave Horror lives and the Razed Fort allow you to test the skills of yourself and your allies, receiving rare Equipment and Artifacts in the process. Artifacts can then be used for creation of powerful armor and weapons.

Adan is not only about war. Peaceful players will also find a trade to their liking. Hunter, Fisherman, Prospector, Farmer, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Jeweler, Cook, Inscriptor — choose whichever you like, gather Resources and create Items for your own needs or for sale.

Ocasionally, strange and wondrous Events occur in Adan, stirring up the measured everyday life of Tartu’s inhabitants. These are the times when warriors of Adan can partake in exciting adventures, battle unusual foes, receive unique trophies and rewards as wells as special consumable items.

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