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Cloud Raiders is now available for Windows Phone

30 April 2014

Are you ready for the fierce battles with the dreadful pirates, terrifying monsters and the most dangerous opponents of all — other players? Are you bold enough to take thousands of breathtaking islands by storm? Our epic action strategy Cloud Raiders is now available for the smartphones based on Windows Phone.

Cloud Raiders takes action-packed cross-platform strategy games to dizzying new heights. Players have a chance to raise an impregnable sky fortress and fortify it with different types of defense equipment: from the cannons and traps to the magical artifacts. You must be ready to fight off massive monsters and legendary buccaneers wandering the skies in search of easy prey as well as be prepared for the raiding parties sent by enemy players. You will also conduct researches, brew powerful potions, strengthen your forces and recruit and train your own army!
The game has recently got an important update — players can now form in-game clans! Defeat your enemies and glorify your clan’s name by reaching the top rankings!

Play Cloud Raiders for Windows Phone

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