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Hoisting the sails in Sunshine Bay
Petting Dino in The Tribez
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29 April 2014
Insidemobileapps.com | Flower House: Create hybrid flowers to decorate your windowsill on iPad

Mobile and social game company Game Insight has announced the launch of Flower House on iPad. The game takes players to their own virtual greenhouse, where they’ll become an interior designer and floral expert, cross-breeding plants like irises, roses, jasmine or orchids (among others) to create fantastic hybrids.

In Flower House, players are given a windowsill for growing flowers. Players start with a single flower pot, but can purchase additional pots over time for growing more than one plant at a time. These flowers are then added to the player’s inventory, and can be combined in a hybridization machine to create entirely new plants. Combining a white lily and a red rose, for instance, would create a pink ‘rose lily.’

There are over 100 flowers to create in all, though not all are true-to-life. As each plant is grown and eventually cut from the vase (so the vase can be used again), the cut flower can be deposited into a windmill to receive multiple seeds to continue growing those same flowers in the future.