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Starborn Wanderers: Now on Android

29 April 2014

Have you ever dreamed of venturing into space and exploring the most remote corners of our Galaxy? Have you ever wanted to know whether other forms of life and other civilizations exist in the vastness of our universe? You now have a chance to live out your dream! A fascinating space saga Starborn Wanderers depicting the strife between the men and a mysterious alien race has been released on Android. You can already download it from Google Play app store.

In Starborn Wanderers you are to become a young Wanderer gifted with amazing abilities. You will be able to use the mysterious Alpha Energy: only a few people have powers like that. Enjoy a flexible role playing system, elaborate trade mechanics and different spaceships you can customize according to your playing style. Wander the vast space open for the exploration!

Download Starborn Wanderers for Android

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