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Gamesided.com | Game Insight Drops Literal Easter Eggs Into Its Top Mobile Games For The Holiday

18 April 2014

Maybe I’m misusing the word «literal,» as there aren’t physical Easter eggs involved. But Game Insight really is celebrating the long Easter holiday weekend (which could have been longer if not for the snow this winter, right kids?) with holiday-themed events and sales in some of its top mobile and web titles.

While the Easter Bunny only ever brought me candy and the occasional plastic egg filled with a dollar or some change, GI is bringing players things like rare buildings, collectible items and Easter decorations. Some games are even getting visits from the Easter Bunny in the digital flesh.

The list of games taking part in the Easter festivities includes:

2020: My Country
Airport City
Big Business Deluxe
Hidden Land
Hotel Enigma
Incredible Heist
Mirrors of Albion
Mystery Manor
Paradise Island
Smiley Boom
Sunshine Bay
The Tribez
And while the actual holiday will be over come Monday, some of Game Insight’s games will continue to celebrate it through the end of April. Check for the games on iOS, Android or Facebook to get in on the goodies.

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