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Game Insight Celebrates Easter With Players Around the World

17 April 2014

Game Insight is pleased to announce that it will celebrate the Easter holiday with tons of special in-game events and sales in its most popular iOS, Android and Facebook games. Players will get a chance to participate in the exclusive events and will have opportunities to swap unique gifts, assemble new collections, and tackle brand-new holiday-themed quests.

Easter Sunday is on 20 April, and will once again be a day of lighthearted enjoyment that involves brightly colored Easter eggs and baskets full of candy. In keeping with the spirit of the holiday, Game Insight will add in-game quests and special events to its games, including unique buildings, rare collectible items, holiday-themed decorations, and maybe even a cameo appearance or two from the Easter Bunny himself.

Special Easter-themed content will appear in the following Game Insight games for iOS, Android and Facebook throughout April: 2020: My Country, Airport City, Big Business DeluxeHidden LandHotel Enigma, Incredible HeistMirrors of Albion, Mystery ManorParadise Island, Smiley BoomSunshine Bay, and The Tribez.

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