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2020: My Country for Facebook & Cross-Platform

16 April 2014

It has been one year since city building games traveled back to the future with 2020: My Country! In honor of the game’s one-year anniversary, we’re delighted to announce the launch of the newest version of the game — for the world’s largest social network, Facebook!

Moreover, 2020: My Country is now the world’s first city building game available for an unprecedented range of devices, including iOS, Android, Facebook, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and OS X. Now players can start playing on any platform they prefer, and then continue to play on any other platform by using the same account, retaining all their progress.

2020: My Country is an engrossing city-building strategy game that takes place in a glorious futuristic landscape. Build a massive metropolis with flying cars and towering sci-fi skyscrapers that can be customized with literally thousands of options, from helicopter pads and rooftop DJ stations to swimming pools and mini-parks. But beware of spectacular natural disasters such as floods, whirlwindws, and even dinosaur attacks and alien invasions! Play 2020: My Country on Facebook and experience the future of city building games today!

Play 2020: My Country on Facebook

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