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Appspy.com | Game Insight declassifies its unknown enemies in upcoming sci-fi strategy X-Mercs: Invasion

31 March 2014

X-Mercs: Invasion is a sci-fi strategy game. It involves taking control of a military squad whom you must lead into battle against alien invaders. You are dropped into scuffles by a snazzy looking airship, and the ensuing combat plays out in turn-based fashion on a virtual grid.

Once you’ve completed a fight, you can return to your base to upgrade squad members, research new weaponry, and monitor the global situation from your command room.

For example, you can choose your allegiances, and even buddy-up with the aliens if you feel like humanity needs to be taught a hard lesson in interspecies relations.

You’ll be able to download X-Mercs: Invasion from the App Store soon. In the meantime, check out the trailer about to experience an intense bout of déjà vu.

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