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Apps4top.co.uk | Globetrotting Mystery Comes to Hidden Object Games with Game Insight’s Mysterium

19 March 2014

Moscow and San Francisco — March 19, 2014 — Game Insight, a world leader in mobile/social games, is delighted to announce the next chapter of hidden object games: Mysterium. This new game from the creator of the legendary hit Mystery Manor will offer an adventure fraught with mystery and intrigue that spans the globe. The game will debut first on iPad and will appear later on Android and social networks.

Mysterium raises the bar for hidden object games with a rich detective story that unfolds from the very first minutes of the game. The game will take players to a mysterious island and the Collector’s house filled with intricate mechanical contraptions, as well as faraway locales and modern metropolises including Paris and New York. Players will also find themselves a part of an otherworldly auction that doesn’t allow mere mortals to attend, along with exploring an offbeat underwater town as they unearth the secrets of the powerful artifacts known as Mysteriums.

Featuring a multitude of mind-bending logic puzzles, engaging mini-games and hidden object puzzles in a variety of game modes, Mysterium offers a colourful and lively world with buried treasures to dig up, obstacles to bypass and thousands of secret passageways, keys and talismans to manipulate. The game will also receive regular content updates that will add even more unexplored corners of the globe.

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