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148apps. com | Incredible Heist Review

12 March 2014

What’s New
— A great “Novice Swindler” offer enables players to purchase a pack of useful items at a favorable price
— Bonus experience points and coins are granted for exploring rooms with threats
— Collection items in the Gifts window are now sorted by name
— Increased overall stability and smoother gameplay

App Description
Incredible Heist is a game for those who want to live an extraordinary life! A whole world of the confidence tricks and hidden secrets of the greatest conmen in history lies open to you! Search through their hidden caches, open the most ingenious locks, and solve the hardest puzzles! You’ll meet many amazing characters and have an opportunity to put together your own elite team of jetsetting hustlers. Search the rooms, find hidden objects, gather unique collections and fragments of the mysterious Cryptexes, talk with your friends, exchange gifts, and help each other!

Key features:
— A stunningly beautiful and intricate world full of elaborate intrigue
— Awesome game mechanics
— Over 50 unique collections
— Mysterious Cryptexes, heritage of the ancient Thieves Guild
— Assorted mini-games to suit every taste
— Dozens of characters, hundreds of items, and great adventures all over the globe

Note: Incredible Heist is free to play, but you can buy in-game items for real cash here.

Official Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/incredibleheist
Privacy Policy: http://www.game-insight.com/en/privacy_policy/

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