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Release | The Tribez & Castlez takes Facebook by storm

24 March 2014

Get ready for incredible adventures in The Tribez & Castlez on Facebook! A colorful world of magic, dragons, and mysteries awaits! Already released for iOS and Android platforms, this new game is finally available for users of the world’s largest social network. City building games will never be the same!

In The Tribez & Castlez, build a kingdom from humble beginnings to glory and fortune. Construct sawmills and factories, cultivate crops, breed livestock, and bring prosperity to the land! But to safeguard the citizenry, clever monarchs must build mage towers and train battle Dragos to fend off vicious Gobools, powerful Trollums, and other malicious creatures.

The next generation of city building games has arrived with The Tribez & Castlez, a spin-off of Game Insight’s popular game The Tribez, which has more than 14 million fans worldwide.

Play The Tribez & Castlez on Facebook

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