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Thedirectnews.com | Latest Paradise Island Android App And Game Review

24 May 2011

Well, Paradise Island is in the news because Royal Couple is supposed to be there. Well, we are talking of the Paradise Island for Android here and its best features.

  1. The game is very much light weight. You can get it working with in few minutes.
  2. The game is available through the Android Market and Appbrain.
  3. Paradise Island is a simulation game which lets you build the towns and the economy there.
  4. Many people reported that they are able to play the Paradise Island with fewer controls now.
  5. Paradise Island game has received awards from may user communities for being the best game in this year.
  6. Though the game is not difficult to play, yet, many players and the users are looking for the Paradise Island Cheat codes. There are many videos on YouTube which can be watched for learning to trick the game.
  7. There are many tips of Paradise Island and the basic is to use the controls with patience.
  8. The Paradise Island requires patiences and sound strategy to build the towns.
  9. You would love to play the game without tips and tricks as well.
  10. The connected phones can get this Paradise Island free of all the charges at Appbrain market or the Google Android Market

The game has very easy interface and has the right things which can be used for trading and building your town. There are many obstacles and other things which you must cross to reach the levels. There are no doubts that game is fine and easy to play. Just get online and read the reviews which have been offered by the actual players. You would love to play and have fun with this game on your home. Also, you would love to have the other similar games on your phone. It is recommended that you gain the confidence on this game before moving to newer games.

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