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Gamezebo.com | Crime Story Preview

23 August 2011

Crime Story is coming to Android later this month, with a Facebook version to follow at some point afterwards. So with the release date imminent, there’s really only one way to celebrate ... screenshots! We’ve got a whopping 10 new screens from the game that show of its gritty, urban world in all of its glory.
This batch of screenshots comes from the Android version of the freemium empire building simulation

In Crime Story, you should never forget your bazooka
Game Insight’s upcoming forray into the crime genre looks great in screenshots, but what about in action? Well, judging by the brand new trailer for Crime Story, it looks even better. The isometric visuals feature plenty of details, and it looks like it will be quite satisfying when you fire off a few rounds from your gun or, better yet, your bazooka.
The trailer provides a bit of context for the game, explaining in brief the backstory and just why your character has turned to a life of crime. It also shows of plenty of action, which should help set Crime Story apart from other social empire building games.

Crime Story is set to launch on Android later this month, but no release date has been announced for the Facebook version.
Crime Story brings great visuals and city building to the crime genre
You may think that Facebook is already flush with crime themed games, thanks to the likes of Crime City, Mafia Wars, and Gangster City. But that isn’t stopping Game Insight from bringing its latest social game, Crime Story, to the world’s biggest social network. Already a hit in Russia, Crime Story is actually part city building game, and a multi-platform title thanks to an Android version.
As with most games with a criminal element, Crime Story is all about building up an empire. You start out as a lowly footsoldier before moving your way up the ladder to gain money and power. While we don’t know details on the game’s story, it’s said to span the globe. You’ll also be able to both fight other players and form business relationships with them.
Crime Story is also a great looking game, as you can tell from the gallery below.

The game was released on Russian social network Vkontakte. ru back in June, but no release date has been set for the Facebook and Android versions. Game Insight has previously released several Facebook titles, including Mystery Manor and Resort World, each of which was published by 6waves. However, it looks like Crime Story will be the company’s first self-published Facebook game.
Stay tuned to Gamezebo for news on when you can build your own criminal empire in Crime Story.

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