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Insidemobileapps. com | A Review of Quarterly Earnings for iOS, Android Gaming Companies

08 August 2011

We’ve created a little cheat sheet for industry observers summarizing smartphone earnings and growth for the second quarter (or first quarter, depending on the company’s fiscal calendar). We also put in privately-held freemium gaming companies for which you can guesstimate earnings based on top-grossing titles. Given how publicly-traded companies are performing with both freemium and paid app monetization on a quarterly basis, we’re looking at a few privately-held companies that will probably comfortably cross $50 million in annual revenue this year. Also keep in mind that everyone’s market capitalization is down significantly because of the global stock market rout. Update: We revised market caps on today’s rebound, although Asian and European equities have yet to follow on the U. S. market’s gains.

We did not include GREE and DeNA because both are large platform plays and so it would be hard to discern how well their own original IP is doing. Also, the Japanese market is fundamentally different from the rest of the world in terms of ARPU.

Privately-Held Gaming Companies

Game Insight:
Hits: Paradise Island
Number of Titles in Top Grossing 50: Varies widely. Sometimes they have two on iOS and sometimes they have none. On Android, however, they control the highest-grossing game Paradise Island.
Revenue: Unknown, but the company did say it was making $1 million per month in net revenue from Paradise Island on Android in July.
Funding: Undisclosed

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