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Insidemobileapps.com | Emerging Top Grossing Apps: EA, Ngmoco, Game Insight and TinyCo

07 October 2011


Revenue may have leveled off in advance of the iPhone4S announcement today, but the action continues on the top grossing rankings. TinyCo and ngmoco:) reinvigorated old brands with new content, and EA’s latest soccer game Fifa Soccer 12 has performed very well. This week also marked the iOS debut of two big names — Game Insight brought My Country to iPad and 2K Sports introduced its basketball series NBA 2K to iOS, with a simultaneous release on iPad and consoles.


New Titles on the iPad Top Grossing Apps List


My Country: Build Your Dream City HD — After plenty of success on Android, Russian developer Game Insight has finally released My Country: Build Your Dream City HD for the iPad, and the game has already climbed up to the #23 spot. My Country is a city-building game that prides itself on complexity. Players not only develop a city, they must grow industries, manage the environment and even establish public transport to keep their citizens happy and productive. My Country is free to play and supported by in-app purchases of CountryBucks.



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