Locking princesses in towers in Need a Hero
Assembling collections in Mystery Manor
Adding coal to Storewell’s mines in Transport Empire
Preparing Friday bonuses in the Tribez & Castlez
Rocking with the donkey in Need a Hero
Igniting the dragon's breath in Need a Hero
Patching up defeated bosses in Cloud Raiders
Sending islands skyward in Cloud Raiders
Making stars lucky in Big Business
Gathering up Snatchins in Mystery Manor
Creating outer space in Airport City
Feeding Cheshire Jr. in Mirrors of Albion
Hiding objects in Mystery Manor
Warming the sea in Paradise Island 2
Counting grains of sand on Paradise Island
Clearing the runways in Airport City
Harvesting giant pumpkins in The Tribez
Hoisting the sails in Sunshine Bay
Petting Dino in The Tribez
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20 January 2012
Gamasutra.com | Top iPad game apps: Smash Cops, Puzzlejuice emerge as big sellers

Gamasutra rounds up the most popular paid and free iPad gaming applications on the App Store as of today, with Smash Cops, Puzzlejuice and Temple Run currently ranking among the platform’s top downloads.

This week’s top paid titles are:

1. Where’s My Water? ($0.99)
2. Smash Cops ($2.99)
3. Words With Friends HD ($0.99)
4. Angry Birds Seasons HD ($1.99)
5. Monopoly for iPad ($0.99)
6. Tetris for iPad ($0.99)
7. Angry Birds HD ($4.99)
8. FIFA Soccer 12 ($0.99)
9. Fruit Ninja HD ($2.99)
10. Puzzlejuice ($0.99)

Hutch Games’ recently released police chase title Smash Cops earns second place in the iPad’s paid charts, trailing close behind Disney’s reigning sales leader Where’s My Water?

Angry Birds Seasons HD reports an increase in sales following the launch of a content-expanding update, while Colaboratory’s word puzzler Puzzlejuice earns tenth place in its premiere week.

Here are this week’s top free iPad applications:

1. Temple Run
2. Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure
3. Snappers HD
4. Jet Ball HD
5. My Country
6. Charadium II HD Free
7. The Sheeps HD Free
8. Crime City HD
9. Pinball HD Collection
10. Top Girl HD

Imangi’s autoscrolling platformer Temple Run tops the iPad’s free app charts for the second week in a row, but faces renewed competition from a trial version of Game Insight’s hidden object game Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure.

Mikhail Eliseev’s puzzler Snappers HD remains a popular pick after a strong showing last week, as Gameprom’s Pinball HD Collection ranks in ahead of Crowdstar’s Top Girl HD at ninth place.

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