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Pocketgamer.biz | Global game: 10 developers that are reshaping the global mobile industry

12 March 2014

January saw PocketGamer. biz publish the annual Global Markets report, which casts a spotlight over 10 vast regions where the mobile sector is thriving.

From Latin America to Africa, we’ve mined data and expert opinion on regions established and emerging.

Here we profile a studio from each, choosing the development outfits leading the pack, helping shape the future, or that typify their region. Some are famed rising giants; others grassroots start-ups. But they all have one thing in common; they are each distinctly a product of their own region.

Game Insight

Region: Russia and Eastern Europe

Studio: Game Insight

Location: Various across the region

Founded: 2010

Why it matters: One of many vast operations founded in Eastern Europe and Russia, Game Insight brings together the work of 17 studios and some 800 game developers, releasing across mobile and social platforms as each grows in Russia.

Ultimately, Game Insight’s outlook is a global one — as is the case with most outfits in the region — but increasingly, it is noticing an opportunity closer to home, where it perceives games made for players brought up on cut throat strategy games will prove financially rewarding.