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VentureVillage.eu | The Top 10 Russian internet entrepreneurs you need to know about

14 May 2012

Russia is now the largest internet market in Europe, with more than 55 million online users. Russian internet market leaders, Yandex and London-listed Mail. ru Group, both reported a year-over-year revenue growth of 50% for the first quarter of 2012.

The Russian market is growing at a supersonic rate and provides excellent exit opportunites for investors in Russian online ventures to create a brand-new breed of Russian internet entrepreneur.

So who are the trailblazers in the new web frontier to watch? Yankov Sadchikov, Russian startup blogger at Quintura. com, talks us through the hottest Russian entrepreneurs to watch right now...

Alisa Chumachenko, founder and CEO, Game Insight

In online gaming, marketing is key. The former head of marketing at Astrum Online that was merged into Mail. ru Group in 2008, Chumachenko started her own social game publisher and developer Game Insight in late 2009. In 2011, she moved into mobile gaming to make Game Insight one of the leading gaming companies on Android.


Igor Matsanyuk, founder, IMI. VC

If the internet incubators are the new black, then mobile-focused business accelerators are the new, new black. Entrepreneur-turned-VC Matsanyuk has made a fortune by cashing out shares in Mail. ru Group during its IPO in late 2010.

One year before, he merged his online gaming company Astrum Online Entertainment into Mail. ru. Igor currently seeds mobile startups viaFarminers business incubator and own investment company IMI. VC.

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