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Insidemobileapps.com | Emerging popular Android apps: Airport City, Bow Man and Pro Zombie Soccer

15 June 2012

There wasn’t much variation at the top of any Android chart this week. DeNA’s Rage of Bahamut was once again the top grossing app, and the top positions on the free and paid charts were all dominated by utilities and games we’ve seen many times before. Despite the relatively slow rate of change at the top, the lower reaches of the top 50 showed much more variety this week, with new apps from CanadaDroid, K-Factor Media and Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team showing up for the first time on our roundup.

This week’s top grossing Android apps

Airport City — Game Insight’s Airport City is the highest ranked top grossing app we’ll cover this week. The game is currently sitting in the No. 14 spot on the top grossing app charts and has seen a big boost to its popularity recently. The app has been downloaded over 1 million times and it was last updated on June 6, adding a new industrial building and decreasing the amount of effort required to unlock new flights.

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