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Appeggs.com | You are a Savior Who Can Bring the Primitive Tribes to Prosperity

26 November 2012

The Tribez is simulation developing game which storyline is interesting. You are sent to a society that is in a prehistoric civilization and you should guide the tribal aboriginals to build house and business building so that they can develop into a prosperous society.

What you should do is to develop your stone-age village and explore new island and populate them with your tribesmen. It has more than 100 functions and decorative buildings. There are 14 kinds of resources are waiting you to collecting so that you can expand your village. And more than 700 missions to looking for treasure and artifacts so that you have enough money to bring your village to great prosperity.

The Tribez is a city-building game, but its exquisite picture is more competitive than other farming games. The designers pay much attention on the details of the village, and every instruction is accompanied by a fun animation. You can feed a dinosaur as pet to resist the attacks from barbarian controlled by system. Plenty of vivid characters give interesting to the players.

Excellent animation effects become the basis to attract and retain players. Its fun and rewarding experience and provide an equal chance for all the players and at the same time take care of paying players’ interests. Lively world grabs you and won’t let you go.

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