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Gamesided.com | Tank Domination Rumbles Onto iPhone

26 February 2014

When Tank Domination launched last year, its 10v10 tank battles proved popular with iPad users. To expand the player base even more, Game Insight is thinking smaller.

Thinking about a smaller screen, that is. Tank Domination is now available on iPhone, packing its full multiplayer experience, 3D graphics and voice work by the likes of Michael Ironside into less real estate. And even though the controls and UI seem tailor made for a tablet, the guess here is that people will find it works just fine on iPhone too.

Tank Domination features dozens of tanks from the U. S., Europe and Asia that can be upgraded and customized in numerous ways. The 20-player battles feature drop-in, drop-out play that can sometimes be chaotic but is always available at a moment’s notice.

The game is free to download, and you can grab it on the App Store for iPhone right now. And don’t despair Android users — a version for your mobile devices is expected to release later in 2014.

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