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Gamesided. com | Cloud Raiders Brings PvP Strategy To Android

27 February 2014

It’s time to take mobile strategy games to the clouds.

Yes, that’s clouds, as in plural, because the setting of Game Insight’s newly released Cloud Raiders is up in the sky. Players build island strongholds and raise armies of sky pirates in order to take on both monsters and other players, with troop types like marauders, bombardiers and dragons. There are new technologies to research and a host of defenses like cannons, traps and magical artifacts to ward off PvP raids. A social aspect is also an important part of the gameplay since clans can be formed to coordinate attacks on other players.

It says something about the ever-growing market that Cloud Raiders was released first on Anroid, which typically doesn’t get as many exclusives or first looks at games as iOS. The development team at innoWate is working on versions for other platforms, including Facebook, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and yes, iOS.

That’s good for yours truly as I don’t own an Android device. If you do, you can hit Google Play now and download the game for free.

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