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Gamesided. com | Build Your Way To Logistics Heaven With Game Insight’s Transport Empire

25 February 2014

I’ve always thought that if I had stuck with engineering in college (and done so without failing out), I’d want to be a traffic engineer. There’s just something fascinating about getting people from point A to point B as efficiently as possible — or not, as is often the case in our day-to-day lives.

Game Insight might have a way for me and everyone else with similar thoughts to explore the logistics of transportation in a way that’s a lot cheaper than going to college and earning a degree. Its recently announced mobile/social builder Transport Empire will allow players to tackle the challenges of getting people from one place to another by building their own transportation networks in a world with a cast of interesting characters and a Victorian-meets-steampunk sense of style. We’re talking trains, boats, airships and more.

To succeed, you’ll have to build roads and develop cities while vying with competing transport barons. Expect hundreds of quests, lost treasures to find, and a story that includes the hunt for a mysterious phantom train.

Scheduled to hit iPad first, Transport Empire is eventually slated to arrive on other iOS devices, Android and Facebook down the road (no pun intended). Game Insight already has the game’s official site up and running, and you can see the first trailer right here.

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