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19 October 2012
GameZebo. com | It’s time for you to return to Mystery Manor, and this time, you’d better act fast.

Pack your things: It’s time to return to the Mystery Manor. Okay, wait, don’t pack your iPad just yet. You’re going to need it to play Mystery Manor Blitz. Yes, the next game in the popular social hidden object game franchise will be debuting on Apple’s tablet. There’s nothing quite like being able to drag an entire mansion with you onto the bus, is there?

Mystery Manor Blitz returns you to the mysterious manor of Mr. X, but this time around, something is a little different. Mr. X has done a little painting, planted a few begonias, and built in some deadly challenges that will test your reflexes — not to mention how well you can think on your feet. Yes, you need to dig through hidden object scenes as usual, but you need to do it as quickly as possible. What happens if you don’t finish a challenge before time runs out? Presumably, Mr. X releases the hounds. The ones that carry bees in their mouths.
Don’t worry: You have access to the usual assortment of items that will help you ace each hidden object scene without risking contact with bee-shooting dogs. That said, the highest accolades go to the bravest explorers. If you can get through the challenges of Mystery Manor Blitz without having to fall back on your supply of compasses, bombs, flares, etc, you’ll unlock big bonuses and score multipliers that might help earn you a spot on the game’s worldwide leaderboards.

Mystery Manor Blitz is coming soon to iPad. Revel in the spirit of friendship by targeting some British guy’s score, shattering it, and then rubbing his nose in the remains.

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