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29 October 2012
GameZebo. com | Mirrors of Albion Walkthrough, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Mirrors of Albion is a hidden object strategy game from Game Insight, where you will be tasked with finding all sorts of objects hidden in Victorian images while completing other goals along the way. Finding all of the objects you need in a game can be a daunting task, but with Gamezebo’s quick start guide we’ll make sure you’re on the right path to accomplish all of the challenges standing in your way.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • To get started quickly, go ahead and click on the “Play Now” button at the top of this screen. Mirrors of Albion is a free to play game, so there’s no worry if you discover it’s not your bag.
  • Upon starting the game for the first time, you will be introduced to Cheshire Jr., a cat that will help guide you through parts of the game. You can read his words of advice, and then tap on the “Close” button when you are done.
  • The first place we will need to investigate in the game is Alice’s house. When Cheshire shows you the house, tap on it to continue.

How to Play

  • When we move into Alice’s house, this is the first time we will be required to actually play the game.

  • In each “scene” or “room” there are several objects for you to collect before you can complete each of them. The list of objects you need to find is always at the bottom of the screen.
  • Before you enter a scene, you should know that playing each one requires a certain amount of energy. Energy recharges over time, unless you would like to purchase refills on your own with real money.
  • In Alice’s room, one of the first items we need to collect is the Fan. The Fan in this scene can be found in-between the picture frames on the right side. Tap on the Fan to collect it, erasing it from the list.
  • If you are struggling to find items in the list and feel that you could use extra help, bonuses can help you stay ahead. The “Bonus bar” can be found to the bottom right of the screen, and has several hint bonuses that can help you at any time, provided you have some to use.

  • For now, let’s try using the “Spark” boost, which reveals the exact location of one of the items on the list. When you tap on the boost, it is instantly used, and a line will be drawn to the item. The item will then glow indicating its location. You can then tap on it to collect it.

  • When you have found all of the items in a room, you will be given a results screen notifying you of your score, time spent, items collected, and the amount of points scored. If you like, you can always come back and replay the scene for a chance to improve these stats.

  • Certain scenes require items that need to be collected before they can be played. The first time you’ll come across this will be when you need to enter the “Secret Department.”
  • You will know that you need additional items because a menu will then pop-up when you attempt to enter the scene, giving you the option to purchase it. At this point, you can tap on Buy to start the scene immediately.
  • If you do not have enough coins to buy the necessary item, you can always go back and replay scenes to earn money.
  • Inside certain scenes, you will find items upon completion that can be used to complete quests.


  • As you progress through each scene in the game, you will come across various characters that will issue you quests to complete.
  • Completing quests is mostly an easy task, with you only having to complete a few scenes to do so. However, some quests can be much more difficult, so keep an eye out for those too.

  • You can access your quest log by tapping on the icons to the left of the gameplay screen. Here, each icon indicates a unique quest. Tapping on one of these icons will give you a description of the quest, as well as the tasks needed to complete it.
  • For example, a quest found early on in the game called “Inconsolable Mother” asks you to find Alice’s comb in her room. You will then need to play the Alice’s room scene until you find the comb, and can return it to her mother.


  • Boosts are what can keep you from pulling your hair out while trying an unfamiliar scene in the game. When the going gets tough, use a hint.

  • Using a hint requires that you have in your inventory first, which means you must purchase some first. Tapping on the Shop button in the main gameplay menu takes you to the Shop.
  • Here, tap on the “Hints” tab to be shown a list of available hints for you to buy.
  • Spark — This item will shoot at your item and make it glow, revealing it to you.

  • Tesla Coil — Strikes the item with a bolt of lightning as you drag it across the scene.
  • Magnifier — Highlights any of the items you need to collect as it passes over them.
  • Lantern — Allows you to see well in the darker scenes.
  • Strong Lantern — The same as the Lantern, but works for an extended period of time.
  • Chain Lightning — This is a cluster of Sparks, showing you up to 5 items at once.
  • Compass — Will point in the direction of needed items in the scene.
  • Thermometer — This hint will increase in temperature the closer it gets to a collectable item.
  • Edgerton Flash — Will help light up a location in a darker scene.
  • Bruce’s Watch — Freezes time in a location for up to 40 seconds, great for grabbing those time bonuses!
  • Bomb — Will find and explode up to 6 collectables in a scene.


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